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For legal entities

What can our company offer to legal entities? Car rental on favorable terms, allowing private enterprises and government agencies to optimize time and money.

The advantageous terms from Rentmycar are:

– an acceptable price;

– excellent state of vehicle;

– lack of paperwork;

– the age of cars is no more than 36 months.

In what cases it is worth to rent vehicles in our company?

1. Irregular use of a car. If you only need a car from time to time, it is more profitable to rent it than to keep it on a permanent basis.

2.Optimization of an enterprise or organization. Getting rid of non-core functions of the employees, you should not deprive yourself of the usual rhythm of work.

3. Absence of own fleet of vehicles.

4. Non-profitability of maintaining your own fleet.

By renting a car, you can easily solve these and other issues that will arise during the process of your company’s operation. 

What do you get with Rentmycar?

– A vehicle that is ready to operate in any conditions.

– A backup plan if your car is in service.

– Support and confidence, since you do not need to worry about scheduled maintenance. We will do everything for you, so you will be able to feel confident and safe in any situation.

Under the rental agreement, Rentmycar is fully responsible for the maintenance, functionality and insurance of the vehicle. With regard to the last point, in the event of an accident or emergency, you will incur the minimum costs, because our car is insured by the full CASCO program, and your recovery costs will be at the franchise level, according to the contract of such insurance (this is 0.5-2%). You must agree that it is very convenient when you use a car temporarily.

The cost of renting a car

What affects the formation of tariffs for car rental for budget entities and legal entities?

– a car make;

– what amenities a vehicle has;

– number of leased transport units;

– the term of car rent.

If you are interested in a long-term car rental, then you need to know about an additional rental service from Rentmycar. In this case, we provide the vehicle with all the necessary equipment: navigation, air conditioners, parktronic, acoustics, leather interior, etc. (upon agreement of the parties).

If you did not find the car model you need in our fleet, call us!

If you want to rent a car for a long time and want to sign a contract for more than a year, we will buy a car “for you”. Such service is possible in our company. Color, make, model, life cycle of a vehicle – we pay close attention to all wishes and requirements of the client!

Guarantees for the lessor and the lessee within the framework of the contract

What is required from the client?

–  Paying rent fee on a regular basis.

– Free access to the vehicle by a Rentmycar representative for maintenance and scheduled and unscheduled repairs.

What does the company provide?

-A vehicle that fully complies with all requirements and wishes of the client.

-Professional consultations on fleet management.

-Full service package required for a car operation: maintenance, control of the period of insurance and inspection, replacement of a car in case of an accident or break down, payment of the insurance on the CASCO system, etc.

Pay attention!

When renting a car you don’t invest additional effort and costs associated with maintenance, repair and mandatory vehicle insurance. According to the tax law, all these costs are credited to the costs of the enterprise, and therefore, they are taken into account when taxing.

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